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North American Wildlife Art
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Stephen Herrero
For Mill Creek Studios, creating art is not just a business enterprise, but also a journey into imagination and expression that seeks to create a dialogue between artist and viewer; an image someone can take with them that will at some point evoke memories and emotions that are meaningful.

Mill Creek Studios seeks to be a company who not only demonstrates, but also communicates Beauty, Inspiration, Integrity, Truth, and Quality, in and through the art we produce.

When speaking of a work of art, integrity refers to the works overall truthfulness, completeness, or wholeness. But integrity is a quality that can and should also be applied to a person as well as a business. It refers to soundness, honesty, sincerity, and moral principle. These are qualities we at Mill Creek Studios strive to manifest both in our dealings with people and in the art we create. This is when the composition is established and the mood, movement, and emotion are created giving the sculpture “life.”

When I consider the stars, and the finely tuned immensity of the universe or stand in awe of the exquisite symmetry and beauty in nature I am overwhelmed by a sense of purpose and design for which there can be no other cause attributed than that of an intelligent and loving creator. God communicates to us through the work of His hands, and as beings created in His own image, He has given us the ability to communicate abstract ideas and thoughts through words, music, and the arts. All art, of whatever form, is born out of a need to communicate something, some idea, some emotion, some truth about the reality of the world we live in. In my case, if my work can speak truthfully, and with integrity about subjects I have chosen, and by inference testify of their Creator then I am blessed, privileged and grateful. I believe I speak for all the artists here at Mill Creek Studios that it is our hope that everything we do here enlarges the imagination.
Self taught artist Stephen Herrero, born in El Paso, Texas and currently living in California, is an internationally renowned wildlife artist and the owner of Mill Creek Studios Inc.
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Mill Creek Studios Traditional Line - Exquisite sculptures of one of our greatest natural resources...our wildlife
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6567407470 Fortitude - Bighorn Sheep (Small)
6567411932 - Free Reign Eagle
6567412071 Kindred-Wolves
6567412132 - Sovereign Eagle
mill_creek_studios_traditional001045.jpg mill_creek_studios_traditional001044.jpg mill_creek_studios_traditional001043.jpg
6567412373 - Spellbound Cougar
6567412671 - Survivor Wolf
6567440173 - Catamount Cougar
6567440232 - Aerie Eagle
mill_creek_studios_traditional001041.jpg mill_creek_studios_traditional001040.jpg mill_creek_studios_traditional001039.gif
6567440371 - Vagabond Wolf
mill_creek_studios_traditional001038.gif mill_creek_studios_traditional001037.jpg
6567440475 - Bruin Bear
6567440569 - Bad Lands Buffalo
6567440666 - Primal Call Elk
6567440765 - Symmetry Deer
mill_creek_studios_traditional001036.gif mill_creek_studios_traditional001035.gif mill_creek_studios_traditional001034.jpg
6567440868 - Twig Eater Moose
6567443069 - El Patron Buffalo
Wildlife Art @ Low Prices.
6567443371 - Head of the Pack
6567440965 - First Snow Mule Deer
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North American Wildlife Art
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Wildlife Art @ Low Prices.
Mill Creek Studios, Mill Creek Traditional
6567443865 - Out of the West
Mule Deer
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Temporarily Out of Stock
Temporarily Out of Stock
Temporarily Out of Stock
Temporarily Out of Stock
Temporarily Out of Stock
Temporarily Out of Stock
6567443975 Over the Rainbow-Black Bear
Temporarily Out of Stock
Arich Harrison
6567942281 - Dapper Horse
Entropy, disorder, degeneration: elements left to the indiscriminate hand of time tend toward chaos, corrosion, and formlessness. But media influenced by the intelligence of a designer display organization and symmetry, whispering of the Author at the Genesis, forming the most complex of our planet’s creatures from the elements of the earth.
Curiously, these are the very media artists use to fashion reflections of nature. Similarly, a sculptor is a shadowy reflection of The Creator. Since the creation of the world, God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what’s been made. I hope that through my work people might come to know the truth.
6567943781 - Equus - LRG Fresian Horse
6567944381 - Equus-Fresian Horse
Temporarily Out of Stock
Danny Edwards
An Idaho native, Danny Edward's sculptures share their profound love of nature as they capture some of the most beautiful wildlife of the American Northwest. His sculptures are as much a living thing as the subjects they represent. For Mr. Edwards, his art is a language, which uses visual forms to communicate the natural themes within his soul. With such involvement with his "love" its no surprise that he is recognized as one of the most provocative and sensitive western sculptors working today. Above all, his story-telling ability brings these pieces to life for the viewer. Every piece Danny Edwards sculpts shares his own story, but offers a profound metaphor of reality for each of us. The pride of owning a Danny Edwards Limited Edition sculpture is a joy to be passed on to family and friends for generations to come.
6567706801 - Mountain Shadow Moose
6567730675 One Step-Grizzly Bear
6567730766  Majesty - Elk
6567730868 Gentle Giant - Moose
6567731965 Winter Crossing-Deer Wall Sculpture
6567732366 - Backcountry
6567732566 Wapiti - Elk
6567732766 The Encounter
6567733268 In His Prime - Moose
6567775066 Hoofin It - Elk
Temporarily Out of Stock
Temporarily Out of Stock
6567775468 Ambler - Moose
Greg Peltzer
Greg's love for the outdoors and his passion for wildlife work together to inspire the creativity that lies deep with this talented artist. "Our past experience and experiences make us what we are today," that's true in all areas of life. For Greg and art, it's been a thirty three year journey learning and paying his dues, to make him the accomplished artisan he is today.

Drawing and painting dominated Greg's early years, and as a teen, he picked up his fathers carving tools and began carving decoys. His love for birds was evident, when at fifteen he began developing his skills in the taxidermy field. Sound anatomy comes from his background as a master taxidermist.His sculpting abilities come from years of carving wood and in recent years his bronze sculptures.
Greg's sculptures command your attention, while their attitude and expressions hold you in the moment as if you were in the wild yourself
6567526270 Level Headed - Bighorn Sheep
6567523969 Test of Strength - Bison
6567526065 Bound for Cover - Whitetail Deer
mill_creek_studios_traditional001007.jpg mill_creek_studios_traditional001006.jpg mill_creek_studios_traditional001005.jpg
6567526166 High Point - Elk
Temporarily Out of Stock
Temporarily Out of Stock
6567526365 High Chaperal - Mule Deer
Temporarily Out of Stock
6567526465 Watchful - Whitetail Deer
6567526568 Heavy Weight - Moose
Temporarily Out of Stock