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6567384071 Kinship - Wolf
Joe Slockbower
6567384473 Leap of Faith - Cougar
6567384575 Handful - Black Bear
6567384670 Summit - Bighorn Sheep
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For Mill Creek Studios, creating art is not just a business enterprise, but also a journey into imagination and expression that seeks to create a dialogue between artist and viewer; an image someone can take with them that will at some point evoke memories and emotions that are meaningful.

Mill Creek Studios seeks to be a company who not only demonstrates, but also communicates Beauty, Inspiration, Integrity, Truth, and Quality, in and through the art we produce.

When speaking of a work of art, integrity refers to the works overall truthfulness, completeness, or wholeness. But integrity is a quality that can and should also be applied to a person as well as a business. It refers to soundness, honesty, sincerity, and moral principle. These are qualities we at Mill Creek Studios strive to manifest both in our dealings with people and in the art we create. This is when the composition is established and the mood, movement, and emotion are created giving the sculpture “life.”

Joe Slockbower has emerged as one of Southern California's premier wildlife and marine artists. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in sculpture from California State University, Long Beach. Joe began his career as a portrait artist, working for Knott's Berry Farm and Movieland wax Museum. Making the transition from drawing and painting to sculpture came naturally. He excels equally in both. Joe studied art in Europe and mastered the complicated "Lost Wax Process."

An artist must be able to express the inner dimension of what he creates so that a person viewing the finished work is moved to feel as the artist does. Joe has that ability. The dignity and beauty of the human figure and wildlife in its surrounding environment clearly reflects his understanding of the relationship between man and animal to the natural world.Joe's work can be seen throughout the United States, Europe and in private collections. His artwork is represented by several west coast galleries and has been shown in many exhibitions, including the prestigious Laguna Beach "Festival of the Arts and Pageant of the Masters
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MCS Traditional Line - Exquisite sculptings of one of our greatest natural resources...our wildlife
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Wildlife Art @ Low Prices.
6567384767 Trailblazer - Antelope
6567385275 Snow Cone - Polar Bear
6567385532 Splash Down - Eagle
6567386065 Endearing Moment - Deer
6567386671 Family Song - Wolves
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6567387232 Totem - Eagle
6567387569 Dust and Thunder - Bison
6567387732 Patriot - Eagle
6567388232 America - Eagle
6567388875 Big Bear - Large
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6567390175 Big Bear - Medium
6567391375 Smoky - Black Bear
6567391575 Silvertip-Brown Bear
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